The Ankh Advantage

IMAGINE: Managing your patients and labeling and tracking all of their medical consumables with one,
cost-effective, integrated system; improving patient safety.

Our Passion

Patient and Sample Safety, Biomedical Data Management, Advancing Translational Sciences, 2D Matrix Barcodes, Labware Labeling, Bench to Bedside Programs, IVF Software, Positive IVF Outcomes, and Eco-Friendly Technology.

We help people put technology to good use. This is the era of ‘big data’, and if you are not collecting data in a big way and using it to improve your REI program, you are missing important opportunities. Or if your current EMR collects a lot of data about individual patients, but it cannot be used to create datasets of multiple patients with the same characteristics, or with similar diagnosis, your data is not being utilized to its fullest potential. We work to make sure you are getting the benefits that come with a well designed, developed and implemented information management system.