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Patient and Sample Safety, Biomedical Data Management, Advancing Translational Sciences, 2D Matrix Barcodes, Labware Labeling, Bench to Bedside Programs, IVF Software, Positive IVF Outcomes, and Eco-Friendly Technology.

We help people put technology to good use. This is the era of ‘big data’, and if you are not collecting data in a big way and using it to improve your REI program, you are missing important opportunities. Or if your current EMR collects a lot of data about individual patients, but it cannot be used to create datasets of multiple patients with the same characteristics, or with similar diagnosis, your data is not being utilized to its fullest potential. We work to make sure you are getting the benefits that come with a well designed, developed and implemented information management system.

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Be Relational Not Hierarchical – Hierarchical technology allows you collect a lot of data about one patient, which limits your research and program improvement capability. Relational technology allows you to collect a lot of data about one patient, AND the data can be used to create datasets of multiple patients with the same characteristics or diagnosis, to better manage your patient population and improve your program.


Patient and Sample Safety – we created our patent pending, laser labeling system to barcode and track patient samples from the point of collection to the point of disposition. You can laser label your IVF labware with a 2D matrix barcode and human readable identifier, which ‘marries’ the female oocytes/embryos, to their respective male gametes. This process significantly improves patient sample stewardship, and provides a consequential reduction in errors. The Ankh Universal Labware Labeling component invokes a level of accountability in the chain of custody, which cannot be matched by any other software. In addition to increasing patient safety and being eco-friendly, it frees up valuable time for your laboratory directors, embryologists and other laboratory personnel.


The Ankh Advantage

IMAGINE: Managing your patients and labeling and tracking all of their medical consumables with one, cost-effective, integrated system.

The Ankh Data Systems’ Clinic and Laboratory E-Suite and Translational Science software system efficiently collects data and puts the data in the hands of the individuals that understand it best. The goal of making the data accessible to the appropriate staff members applies whether the data is used to manage and improve patient care, or to support innovative research projects.


We have established a new standard with our best-in-class software, which includes an integrated, patent pending, labeling, barcoding, and tracking system that:

  • significantly increases patient and sample safety
  • builds protocol intelligence into patient care and research
  • averts costly medical errors and adverse research events
  • produces measurable cost savings in all areas

Our patented, 2D matrix barcoding and tracking system elevates patient management and sample tracking to a completely new level. Unmatched by any other labeling and tracking software, our technology manages your clinical care and research programs, while transforming how your staff functions.

Patients expect cutting-edge technologies and world class services during their treatment. We believe that hand labeling labware with markers, pens or sticky labels, does not meet their expectations. Implementing our collection of E-Suite products in your clinics or laboratories delivers to you the opportunity to exceed their expectations.

Comparison of Laboratory Staff Time Distribution

These graphs demonstrate how the laboratory responsibilities are redistributed using the Ankh E-Suites.


Advantages of the Ankh E-Suite Labeling

  • improves subject and research sample safety
  • long-term, low cost operation and ownership
  • increases clinic and laboratory research capacity
  • innovative data and time management software
  • eco-friendly with no consumables for labware labeling
  • barcodes and labels are safe, sterile, and non-toxic
  • provides highly effective labels; resistant to heat, cold, and moisture

Disadvantages of Manual Labeling Systems

  • prone to errors that create adverse events
  • limits the laboratory processing capacity
  • creates a sample bottleneck in the laboratory
  • labor intensive with high staffing expenditures
  • reduces staff productivity and satisfaction
  • highly dependent on staff attendance and timeliness

We design our systems to be flexible and allow for future growth. The data is built around and stored on SQL technology which provides a standard, scalable, and highly stable platform.


Our experience developing complex information management systems extends to several industries including: healthcare, higher education, financial services, real estate, non-profits, and government.


We excel at delivering technology solutions that streamline costs and time while optimizing accuracy, creating efficiencies, improving customer service, and elevating the professionalism of the organization. We develop systems that allow clients to manage data more intelligently, significantly improve patient care, treatment outcomes and reduce the bench to bedside interval.


Success developing databases that improve analytical and data mining capabilities exponentially and position organizations to become best-in-class in their respected fields. We create, build, and manage Access/SQL databases for capturing and parsing key business information.



Microsoft's Windows Server, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Professional, Azure and Cloud Technology, SQL Server, Access, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Word, Outlook, and Visual Studio (including various versions from 2007 to 2013, depending on Microsoft product). Other software systems: SPSS, SAS, Citrix, Remote Desktop, Adobe, Norton & McAfee Antivirus, Juno, VPN Client, Seagate Backup Exec.


Microsoft software solutions with recommended hardware configurations for: servers, clients (desktops/laptops/netbooks), printers, routers (LAN/Wireless).

We design systems to leverage the use of your current data, as well as your current technology (hardware and software), in conjunction with your existing IT structure. Our overall goal is to design, develop, install, and support databases, while helping you develop a level of expertise within your company, which allows you to:

  1. Improve your customer service and communications.
  2. Create revenue for your company.
  1. Feel comfortable inputting, managing, and utilizing your data.

How the Ankh system is different and best in class technology:

The Ankh system is designed and built on a different technology than larger EMRs and other patient and research systems. The Ankh system collects and stores discrete data points, which translates into a dual usage for the data:

  • It provides a detailed medical and research record for patients and subjects
  • It allows you to query and structure dataset for a large groups of individuals for research purposes.

Healthcare organizations spend an almost inconceivable amount of time collecting patient related data. We believe the data collection process can and should have multiple benefits. Therefore, our system is designed to manage your patient population, and provide the tools to analyze patient data; thus improving: treatment protocols, clinical and laboratory processes, patient outcomes, and sample safety. "If you can measure it, you can manage it." That is our philosophy and it puts an emphasis on the value of your data.

The Ankh Advantage

IMAGINE: Managing your patients and labeling and tracking all of their medical consumables with one, cost-effective, integrated system.