FAQs – 2D Matrix Barcoding and Tracking

Do I have to peel and stick labels on labware?

No! Peeling and sticking labels on labware is tedious, time consuming and prone to error. This system places the label directly on the labware, which makes it more efficient, safer, and eco-friendly.

How is the labware labeled?

A 2D matrix barcode and human readable mark is placed on the labware with a laser.

Will the label interfere with viewing the content of the labware?

No. All marks are placed in ‘non-viewing’ areas of the labware.

Will it damage the content of the labware?

No. All labware is labeled prior to being opened or used.

Will the container be sterile and non-toxic after it is labeled?

Yes. The labware is placed on a stainless steel laser bed, UNopened to maintain the sterility. We have a “Certificate of Analysis” from Embryotech Laboratories attesting to the non-toxicity of our labeling process.

Can I really label 300 IVF culture dishes per hour?

Yes. Depending on the dish size and the amount of information placed on the dish, you can label between 200 and 500 dishes per hour.

Will I be wasting labware with this system?

No. The amount of patient labware labeled is based on their planned treatment.

Is the content of the labware damaged when it is scanned?

No. The scanning technology is camera based. The scanner does not use a laser to read the 2D matrix barcodes. It takes a picture of the 2D matrix barcode and then deciphers the code.

Am I restricted to where I can be in the lab for the system to work as intended?

No. This system is flexible and the sample safety and chain of custody are built into the 2D matrix barcodes and tracking system. This system is designed to be effective wherever you process your samples. The software does not restrict your movement in the laboratory to a designated work area; thus, having minimal impact on your current workflows.

Does the barcode belong to the female IVF patient?

No. The barcode belongs to ‘treatment members’ which is anyone associated with a treatment cycle. So when the barcode is scanned all of the ’treatment members’ are identified and displayed by the software.

Are there other uses for this system that will save time and money?

Absolutely. We intend for this system to be used for labeling your labware as well as other medical consumables. It can accommodate both patient care and research needs. We have built in reports for labeling labware, paperwork, wristbands, parking passes, etc. Additionally, the laser is capable of lasering plastic, glass, or metal.