REI and IVF Software including an IVF Lab Database

Ankh Clinic and Laboratory E-SUITE

Reproductive medicine faces new challenges from patients expecting cutting-edge technology and world-class services during their Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) experience. Technological breakthroughs continue to provide new opportunities for cutting costs, increasing profits, and improving
sample safety.


The Ankh Clinic and Laboratory E-Suite includes seven core components and 25 modules. Our software comprehensively manages your REI clinic, IVF laboratory and Andrology Laboratory. This system provides a basis for your patient treatment, innovative research, patient billings, and other important administrative functions. We analyze and assess your needs and design and install a customized solution, which can be scaled up to SQL and configured on a network, or scaled down to run on a local desktop.

The data is systemically collected, used for all stages of patient treatment, and structured for high-end medical research. In addition to producing high-quality research data for individual facilities, the data can be "de-identified", merged into a larger dataset from multiple locations, and analyzed.

Features of the Ankh Clinic and Laboratory E-Suite

  • Manage your patient population efficiently.
  • Improve time management for your clinic, laboratory, administrative, and research staffs.
  • Provide a consistent interface, which is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Increase communications between staff members working in dispersed locations.
  • Leverage your current technology, and build more technology skills in your employees.
  • Build flexibility into your program for growth, reporting, and market changes (e.g. in an environment where the FDA is involved in governmental oversight).


Please refer to our Contact Us page for details regarding our online software demonstration. For an on-site demonstration, please call 1-800-594-1459.


These seven components and 25 modules set a new standard with our best-in-class software. The software can be installed comprehensively, to manage your REI facility, IVF laboratory, and Andrology laboratory; or individual modules can be installed to compliment your current electronic data management systems.

Clinic Component - (8) modules:

  1. Comprehensive patient intake questionnaire
  2. Supplemental patient intake questionnaire
  3. Patient demographics and appointment scheduling
  4. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) protocol management
  5. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycle tracking
  6. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) protocol management
  7. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle tracking
  8. Comprehensive consent tracking

2. IVF Laboratory Component- IVF Lab Database - (4) modules:

  1. IVF cycles with diagnosis, stimulation, retrieval, and transfer
  2. FRESH oocyte tracking and treatment; including fertility preservation.
  3. FROZEN oocyte/embryo tracking and treatment
  4. Comprehensive statistical package

3. Universal Labeling and Barcoding Component - (1) module:

  1. Universal labeling and tracking system; including labware labeling

4. Administrative Management Component - (2) modules:

  1. Comprehensive billing for all cryopreserved storage (female/male)
  2. Data management utility to identify and correct data errors

5. Facility Management Component - (4) modules:

  1. Facility, equipment, supply inventory (2D matrix barcoding, where applicable)
  2. Media/pharmaceutical tracking (2D matrix barcoding, where applicable)
  3. Program customization module
  4. REI reference database

6. Donor Management Component - (2) modules:

  1. Donor intake application — initial donation
  2. Donor intake supplement — return donation updates

7. Andrology Laboratory Component - (4) modules:

  1. Patient demographics (if stand-alone installation)
  2. Testing input and management (SFA/Morph/Urine/DNA)
  3. Cryo storage and billing (if stand-alone installation)
  4. Laboratory statistics

The Ankh E-Suite includes over 50 built-in patient management and statistical reports in the 25 modules. Many of these patient and statistical reports are included with the IVF Lab Database. These reports assist your program in managing your patient population, developing new, best in class treatments, and instilling the confidence to publish innovative research. A limited number of sample reports are shown below. Click to view larger