Labware Labeling

This component manages all aspects of labeling labware in the practice, laboratories and other associated facilities. The labeling component is integrated with all other software components which provides efficient use of resources by eliminating handwritten medical information.

Translational Sciences

If your research begins in a clinical setting, this system seamlessly tracks samples from the clinic to the laboratory. The features of this system will reduce the time it takes to go from ‘bench-to-bedside’.

REI and IVF Software

Our software comprehensively manages your REI clinics and associated laboratories. This system provides the foundation for your patient treatment, innovative research, patient billings, and other important
administrative functions.

The IVF Laboratory Database

The IVF Laboratory Database module can be utilized in conjunction with the other modules or it can be installed separately to manage all aspects of your laboratory. It systematizes the laboratory data and allows for the collection of oocyte and embryo development data on a daily basis, for each individual oocyte/embryo.

The Ankh Advantage

IMAGINE: Managing your patients and labeling and tracking all of their medical consumables with one, cost-effective, integrated system.